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Veon Scientific was founded by Jason Venn and Adrian Hatton in 2012 after an aspirational discussion on a business trip where we nurtured the concept of forming a company. The motivation for forming the business was to combine 20 years of exposure to scientific instrumentation and our engineering design expertise. 

The outlined business model was to develop laboratory automation systems to manage sample preparation and sample introduction for a variety of analytical processes and techniques.

We launched our first XYZ sample handling system into a well-established and competitive market where the technology was closely integrated into existing OEM products and processes. 

The product gained reasonable traction in the replacement market superseding incumbent   legacy systems.


At Veon Scientific, we believe there is a better way to do manual pipetting. A more valuable, less hands on but equally interactive approach where customers can achieve better results, incur less errors and free up time. 
We are obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people to realise and achieve those goals.

Manual pipetting is widely adopted globally as the go to technique for liquid handling and we can help customers cross over from manual to benchtop automation even for the simplest of workflows.  
We are excited to simplify laboratory liquid handling for everyone through our innovative solutions, hardware, software, education and community. Discover more at

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